Select Rent bike on the keypad & insert credit card.
Enter the number of the bike you would like to rent
Select a time period for which to rent
Push bike forward release lock & pull the bike towards you

Bicycles Made for Sharing

Our bicycles are the centerpiece of our program.

They are comfortable, fun to ride, feature a unisex step-thru frame design, and Shimano's highly reliable 3-speed internal gearing with twist shifter. So they are simple to operate, and accessible to riders 5’0” - 6’3”. 


Our bicycles also feature a special Thorn resistant tubes, thorn resistant tires, and 2mm 

tire liner for maximum durability and safety.


Spinway rental guests have multiple rental periods for to choose from. 


You might decide to plan a nice relaxed ride along the beautiful Hawaiian coast line, cruise around some of the famous attractions or just enjoy some light cruising. With Spinway you can also just see where the day takes you.

When you rent a Spinway bike, your credit card acts as your member pass, allowing you to use a bike for the time period you select. Feel free to return the bike and take it out again as many times as you like within that period at no extra cost. In fact, you don’t even need to take the same bike. Just simply use the same credit card (member access card) each time, as this is how the Spinway station can determine who you are and how long your rental period is set for.


If you are enjoying the freedom of two wheels so much that you find yourself running over your limit, relax, there is no need to hurry back. Each hour you go over your rental period, the extra time is simply charged to your card at the low rate of only $11 an hour. 

$11 Per hour

$24 4 Hours

$36  8 hours


Welcome to the newest arrival on the Islands, Spinway Hawaii.  A completely automated and very simple to use station that hosts a variety of bikes available for rental 24hrs a day! Simply swipe your credit card and release a bike from the rack. Rent a bike from a Spinway Hawaii automated vending station at a hotel or resort near you. 


You can rent and ride anytime of the day! Explore the city or coastline and experience a whole new perspective of the Hawaiian Islands. Ride to dinner or a movie and venture back beneath the stars. Maybe you would prefer to start the day with a refreshing bike ride  and see the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean.


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